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A highlight of what our students and partners think about us

The expertise and support shown by the staffs are commendable.Unlike other famous consultancies who doesn't pick up calls when we need them the most, staffs at GeeBee are available all the time to help, even through whatsapp. And there is no registration fees :p. Highly recommended.

Sarath Chandran

Fanshawe College, Ontario, Canada- Information Security Management

GeeBee Education has very well responsive team, they are in contact and guides through entire process of application to visa. Their visa mock interviews were helpful. Thank you Alice mam and team for helping me to get into US Master's.

Ullas T L

San Francisco State University, San Francisco, USA - Master of Science in Statistical Data Science

I had a wonderful experience with GeeBee Special thanks to UK team. They are very reliable and has excellent knowledge regarding UK Universities. Helped me throughout right from short listing Universities, application process, following up with universities regarding application status also most importantly the visa application very approachable and friendly. I highly recommend GEEBEE for students trying to get into UK universities. Thanks kudos to you for superb job..😊

Augustine Koothur

Anglia Ruskin University, UK- Accounting and Finance with Placement MSc

My recent experience with GeeBee was really great. They guided me through the entire process very well. My sincere gratitude to all the counsellors in particular to Sajna ma'am, Philomina ma'am, Baby ma'am and Alice ma'am for making my dream come true and am all set to go to Maynooth University, Ireland in September 2021. A big thanks to GeeBee.

Govind Krishnadas 

Maynooth University, Ireland - MSc Business Analytics

GeeBee helped me throughout the processes from getting the required documents to filing up the visa. I recommend everyone to consult Geebee if they are applying for Canada Universities and colleges.

Gautham, Krishna P

Confederation College, Ontario, Canada - Mechanical Engineering Technician

GeeBee has risen up to be one of the top study abroad consultancies in Mavelikara and all across Kerala. We are proud to have helped over 2.5+ lakh students achieve their dream of studying abroad.

The whole process from the inception of your study abroad dream till the time you arrive at the gates of your dream university is not devoid of hurdles.

University and course selection, application, finance, documentation and admission assistance, test preparation, visa guidance, accommodation, post-arrival formalities, and so much more. This calls for guidance from the mentors having hands-on experience in the field. 

GeeBee education is one of the leading overseas consultants in Mavelikara, Kerala. We are proud to have built a network of 3500+ recruitment partners, 900+ Partner Universities, and thousands of expert counsellors over the last 20 years.

Our aim remains to offer 100% transparent and hassle-free solutions for all your International study needs, at your time and convenience.

We are known to have designed our admission counselling process strategically. Unlike the linear approach of one size fits all, we identify the gaps in a student’s knowledge base and cater to them with the information that is of best use to them.

We don’t believe to create a set path for a student. Instead, we guide the student enough for them to identify what exactly they are looking for.  

If you are looking to study in the best colleges in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, etc., choose the best study abroad consultant in Mavelikara. Choose GeeBee.

Our Study Abroad Consulting Process


Our Overseas educational counselling team will guide you in choosing your ideal course by providing the expertise you are looking for.


Our admission team will make sure the paperwork is error-free. The processing of the application to selected universities is designed to be a hassle-free step.


GeeBee also provides financial advice to the students wanting to know about currency exchange, scholarships, loan assistance, etc.


After everything is said and done, our Visa team processes the file.


The student is kept in the loop while the process goes on.


After the required documents are submitted for the Visa application at the consulates, we guide the student for the time to come, with pre and post-arrival orientation.


We understand our work here is not done. Keeping that in mind, our overseas educational counsellors are always open to any help our student requires. Their success is our success.

Frequently Asked Questions on Overseas Education Consultant in Mavelikara

Which is the best abroad study consultant in Mavelikara?

GeeBee is the best abroad study consultant in Mavelikara. It has access to over 900+ universities with thousands of expert counsellors to help you with the process that is not without hurdles. It assists students in getting admission in the leading colleges or universities in foreign countries like Canada, USA, UK, Australia, etc.

What documents are required to study abroad?

This could vary from college to college but generally these are the following documents required to study abroad-

  • Application Letter
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Essay
  • CV/Resume
  • Financial Documents
  • Certificates
  • Language Proficiency Test Scores

Which country should I choose to study abroad?

It depends on your personal preferences, profile, financial circumstances, academic requirements, etc. So, there exists no ideal country to study in.  It depends on various factors which you need to evaluate and then come to a decision where you should go to study abroad.

Expert advice could always help to conclude the country you want to study in. GeeBee has thousands of expert counsellors to provide you with the information needed to reach a decision.

Will studying abroad help me find a good job?

Definitely. Studying abroad not only gives you exposure to International studies and best practices but socializing with people that are not from your culture is an added benefit to your blooming personality. You will be able to develop new skills and English language skills.

The recruiters today look for all-round personalities rather than just degrees. Always utilize your abroad studying to the fullest.

Do I need an abroad study consultant in Mavelikara?

Yes, an abroad study consultant in Mavelikara assists you in getting admission in the leading colleges and universities and makes the process smoother. They have a team of experienced overseas education counsellors who will help you in every stage of the process to help you study abroad.

Can studying abroad be expensive?

Yes, it can be expensive if not planned well. If you manage your finances well and avail of scholarships timely, then financing your studies should not be a problem.

How long can I stay abroad?

There’s a common question which is asked by students who want to study abroad. How long can they stay abroad after the completion of the course? So, it depends on the country. Some countries allow 12 months and some allow 18 months, so it varies from country to country.

But, it is always recommended that you pursue internships along with your course so it’s an added point on your resume when the companies look at it.

When should I apply for a program?

It’s always better to start early. You should not wait till the completion of your studies. You should start planning as early as possible. It will allow you to get more time to prepare yourself for studying abroad.

How do I start my study abroad process with GeeBee?

You can simply connect with GeeBee to get started with your study abroad journey.
Are you from Mavelikara? Call here- 7356755222From another state? Get in touch with us here. [link to the common contact form of geebee- from the homepage]

What test should I take to study abroad?

If you are planning to take admission in a foreign university then you must qualify for the language proficiency tests (TOEFL or IELTS) and some university requires GRE test that you must qualify for getting admission in these colleges or universities.

Although some universities today provide a waiver for English proficiency tests, you should always be prepared to acquire some basic language skills before you land in another country for studies.