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A highlight of what our students and partners think about us

I really enjoyed attending GRE classes. Initially I was skeptical about the Quant classes because it had Math and calculations but, Sanjay sir taught with great efforts and appreciated on every answer. After a lot of practicing and attending the Quant classes I was able to solve the questions in lesser time than before. Starting from simple addition to a arithmetic problem, Sanjay sir made sure that I was clear with my doubts.... Talking of the Verbal classes, Geeta Mam guided me to the path and starting from building the vocabulary to drafting essay’s she improvised my language. Verbal classes were very interactive and Mam really pushed me to achieve better results. There was always a discussions happening in the class and everyone was told to share their point of view and then we used to arrive at a solution. Along with this Dharmesh sir encouraged me and made sure that I really enjoy attending the GRE classes overall. I would like to Thank all of them for their support and efforts. Read more

Krishna Patel

MS in Regulatory Affairs - USA

To be very honest I was perplexed in the beginning about which country is best for a physiotherapist who wants to pursue masters in abroad. But after my first visit to GeeBee Education it made me understand the whole process admirably. The counseling session gave me clarity with logical explanations it just made the whole thing smooth like butter. Special thanks to Dharmesh sir who is very generous and supportive since the day one. He believed in me and always encouraged me towards my goals. I'm extremely happy for my decision to choose GeeBee Education above all.... I took IELTS coaching and it helped to enhance my language command. Deepak sir never failed to create a positive and comfortable space for each and every student. Each class was interactive and problem solving. Deepak sir gives the best tips for all four modules to solve questions in less time. The best part is there is small class size because of that you can easily ask any doubts besides individual attention is given by them. I'm grateful for the whole team for the efforts. I would highly recommend GeeBee Education to those who are seeking proper guidance for their future endeavors. Thank you! Read more

Prutha Mistry

MS in Advancing Physiotherapy - UK

Hello. Myself Pranjal Rajput. I took my IELTS coaching from GeeBee Vadodara. Deepak Sir is a very experienced and knowledgeable faculty. In GeeBee students are taught in short interactive batches, so proper attention can be given to each student as required. Deepak sir is very patient, and his command over English language is commendable. Also, his vocabulary is wonderful. He is a very positive human & pushes his children to their best level.... He motivates you to improve and achieve better results. Also, during my classes, We used to interact in English which did improve my grammar, fluency and the command over English language. I would definitely suggest GeeBee to all the students who are looking for ielts class. As every batch has limited number of students plus no judgements, even when you are wrong. You can ask n number of questions and sir will answer all of those with a smile. You will feel the contentment after every session & with that your confidence level also boosts up. And you are all set to rock the ielts exam. Read more

Pranjal Rajput

Oxford Brookes University - UK

I am Dhvani Dave, homeopathic intern planning to pursue my further studies in Canada. For my IELTS preparation i joined GeeBee. In the classes it was quite a fruitful experience. Deepak sir build a amiable atmosphere in the class and we have had a very interactive sessions. He brushed up and corrected our grammatical mistakes.... Through the sessions , my vocabulary also enriched.All in all , the classes have improved my hold over English language and i am very grateful to GeeBee Education for that. Also special thanks to Dharmesh Sir for always encouraging my poems and motivating me. Read more

Dhvani Dave


I am Neha Jaswani and I studied for my IELTS exam at GeeBee Education in Vadodara. I was taught by Deepak Sir, and he is excellent as a teacher. He motivates you in many different ways and encourages you even in hard times. He is a very kind person and tries to improve the results with all of his dedication. He knows his area really well and has many tricks to help with the weak areas, and he works really hard for all his students, such that they succeed.... The environment of the classroom is very comforting, and I never felt restricted to discuss my thoughts. All the students and the teacher create such an environment that is beneficial and nurturing. The staff is also very helpful, and they are always available if we need any kind of help. Moreover, I was advised to go with the computer-based exam, which had its advantages too. I always had trouble with questions that had a list of answers and we had to choose which suited the best. This had to be either chosen for various paragraphs, or even for blanks. The advantage that I found for these questions in the computer-based exam was that once you choose an answer for a specific question, it does not appear in the list anymore, and that helped me. And the other known advantage is that you have the passage right on your screen with the questions, which also helps. And if you choose a pen paper-based exam, then you have to transfer your exams within those 60 minutes only; you do not have any additional time, which is not the case with computer-based exam. In the writing section as well, your words automatically get counted, and you do not have to spend your time on that part. So, giving the computer-based exam was beneficial according to me. Read more

Neha Jaswani

University of Leeds - UK

My name is Pramanik Anupkumar Padaliya, I am a Property Accountant at Stemmons Business Services Private Ltd. A year after my graduation I came up with the thought of pursuing a Post Graduate Degree from, Canadian educational institution, therefore I started working upon my IELTS exam from a broadly expanded institution and later on for immigration as a student i felt that the same institution would be a reliable option so i continued under their recommendation but unfortunately, me and my family we're exposed to wrong information regarding course selection and even at the time of visa filing was done by staff which didn't took their work seriously. As a result of this blend I got my first Student Visa Refusal for my winter 2022 intake.... Thereafter, I went for a job and meanwhile this period, me and my family were very upset and under the state of having no hopes and it was completely gloomy. We're tensed about the refund from the college as we financed the whole plan through those assets which were the soul assets of our home. Professional counseling and guidance was very much needed at that time. From a friend of mine I got the reference of Dharmesh Sir and GeeBee Education Vadodara Branch. Me and my family are having the deepest gratitude, for the way how Dharmesh Sir and the whole team handled my case and not just saved us from capital loss if we had to receive the previous refund but also got me my Student Visa in the very first attempt. They always look after the roots that, how to make the file of a person more reasonable and more logical for achieving higher and higher chances for Visa acceptance. Moreover I remember that my college in which we enrolled " Centennial College " Got a procedure to follow in case where you change your agent, and only after that one may receive the offer letter, a scenario formed where we made our application on time but due to this procedure which I talked about above, it took more time and seats for that particular program were wholly occupied, but Dharmesh Sir wrote a mail to the higher authority and presented the whole scenario there while continues taking my stand and as the result of which the college finally issued an offer letter to me!!! Not only this but, at the time of making SOP they constantly took care of certain points and the major were that my present SOP nowhere contradicts my previous one, that the ircc's caips notes of my previous refusal is explained without any ambiguity. I remember, a minimum of 7-8 times they told me to make changes in a particular point, highlight all whys of selecting this course and every little point while drafting my new SOP. As the result of our hard and smart work I got my Student Visa successfully for Fall 2023 intake in Canada's Centennial College in Toronto. As I mentioned above me and my whole family are having warm and deepest gratitude for the Dharmesh Sir, his entire team and for the Geebee Education Vadodara. Dharmesh Sir and the team made my dream happen. To all who are seeking proper and professional guidance for planning out to immigrate, there could be no other place safer than GeeBee Education Vadodara!! Your reliability is properly taken care of here, therefore without any second thoughts I would recommend GeeBee Education Vadodara to You All. Read more

Pramanik Patel

Centennial College, Toronto - Canada

GeeBee has climbed its way up in the last 20+ years by keeping its students as the priority of everything. It has today emerged as one of the top study abroad consultants in Vadodara and all over India.

Over 2.5+ lakh students across India happily credit GeeBee as an essential contributor to their study abroad success. 

Right from the beginning of your study abroad dream till the moment you reach the gates of your dream university, the process involves a multitude of steps, which requires expertise to cross over.

University and course selection, test preparation, application, documentation and admission assistance, visa guidance, finance, accommodation, post-arrival formalities, and so much more. The seemingly daunting process is made easier when you have genuine guidance by your side. 

GeeBee Education is one of the leading overseas consultants in Vadodara, Gujarat. We have a network of 3500+ recruitment partners, 900+ Partner Universities, and thousands of expert counsellors.

We guarantee a 100% transparent and hassle-free solution for all your International study needs.

Our admission counselling has been strategically designed to meet the unique needs of a student. Unlike the linear approach of one size fits all, we identify the gaps in a student’s knowledge base and cater to them with the information they perhaps didn’t know they needed. 

We believe to guide the student enough for them to identify what exactly they are looking for.

If you are looking to study in the best colleges in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, etc., choose the best study abroad consultant in Vadodara. Choose GeeBee.

Our Study Abroad Consulting Process


Our Overseas educational counselling team will guide you in choosing your ideal course by providing the expertise you are looking for.


Our admission team will make sure the paperwork is error-free. The processing of the application to selected universities is designed to be a hassle-free step.


GeeBee also provides financial advice to the students wanting to know about currency exchange, scholarships, loan assistance, etc.


After everything is said and done, our Visa team processes the file.


The student is kept in the loop while the process goes on.


Once the required documents are submitted for the Visa application at the consulates, we guide the student for the time to come, with pre and post-arrival orientation.


We fully understand that our work here is not done. Keeping that in mind, our overseas educational counsellors are always open to any help our student requires. After all, their success is our success.

Frequently Asked Question: Abroad Study Consultants in Vadodara

Which is the best abroad study consultant in Vadodara?

GeeBee is the best abroad study consultant in Vadodara. It has 20+ years of experience in assisting students of Vadodara and all over India to pursue higher studies abroad.

In the last 21 years, GeeBee has helped 2.5+ lakh students to achieve their dream with over 3500 recruitment partners in hand.

What are the requirements to study abroad?

Here are the basic requirements to study abroad-

  • Finance is one of the most basic requirements to study abroad. You can also apply for scholarships. Universities also look for financial documents so that they can confirm that the student can afford and pay the course fees.
  • English Proficiency is also the most important requirement. Indian students must pass English proficiency tests like TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, or CAE. It is required for students to pass these tests so that they can show the test score to the University for Admission.

Apart from the material requirements, it also depends on how interested you are to explore foreign cultures to make your experience as rich as possible.

Are there any Scholarships available?

Studying abroad could be an expensive affair if not planned smartly. And, there are scholarships available to help you make the journey economic. There are many scholarships available for Indian students. You can check about the scholarships on the university’s official website or you can simply talk to your counsellor.

How long can I stay abroad?

It can vary from country to country.

  • Germany - 18 months
  • Australia - 18 months
  • UK - 12 months or more

Information regarding the country you have chosen for yourself can be sought from an expert in the field. GeeBee has thousands of expert international education counsellors to help you with the same.

What documents do I need to study abroad?

If you are planning to pursue higher studies abroad, then you must arrange the following documents that are required to take admission in foreign universities.

  • Application Form
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Academic Records
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Test Scores
  • Essays

What qualifications are required to study abroad?

The minimum qualification required for an Indian student to go abroad is 12th grade. You should check with your study abroad consultant in Vadodara if you meet the requirements.

GPA matters for studying abroad. Our marks are converted to GPA. Students ranging between 2.5 and 4 can apply for studying abroad at universities or colleges. But few colleges or universities prefer higher scores.

There are other requirements which include writing an effective essay, having work experience (not for all programs, varies from course to course), etc.

Why study abroad?

It is a dream for Indian students from Vadodara and across India to study abroad. There are reasons for it.

  • Quality Education
  • New Culture
  • Impressive Resume
  • Employment Prospects
  • Learning Foreign Language