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A highlight of what our students and partners think about us

“My experience with Geebee has been amazing. I appreciate their help in identifying the best options for me based on my profile. Also, the education fair gave me a much-needed opportunity to interact with the International Colleges and Universities in person. Thanks to Geebee for my smooth journey – right from IELTS exam till the US VISA!”

Priyam Srivastava

University of Tampa, USA

I visited Geebee having very little information about the study process. I met Namita ma’am & she made it very easy for me to finalize the College. After getting an offer the next step was Visa where I was guided in a proper & systematic manner. I would definitely cherish this experience with Geebee & would definitely recommend it to my friends. Cheers!

Siddhi Bagwe

Camosun College, Canada

GeeBee is a completely professional overseas education consultancy. I was really apprehensive about the whole process but they made me comfortable from time to time. Without their help, I would have found it difficult to go through the entire process. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to study abroad.

Prajakta Kadu

Bangor University, UK

The staff at the is extremely friendly and helpful. They guide you and provide legit information. They are extremely professional yet so warm. I am very thankful to GeeBee for all their help regarding applications, admission and visa. They even helped me with my residence stay as well. I highly recommend GeeBee

Riddhima Chandani

Conestoga College, Canada

Over the past two decades, GeeBee Education has emerged as a leading study abroad consultancy in Kattappana, Kerala, and all of India. We have helped more than 250,000 students achieve their international study goals, which can be a complex and challenging process.

From selecting universities and courses to navigating applications, documentation, admission assistance, test preparation, visa guidance, accommodation, post-arrival formalities, finance, and more. GeeBee Education provides 100% transparent and hassle-free solutions tailored to each student's unique needs.

With a vast network of over 3,500 recruitment partners, 900 partner universities, and thousands of experienced counsellors, GeeBee Education offers expert guidance to ensure their students receive the support they need. We take a personalized approach, helping students identify their goals and providing the necessary information to help them achieve success. 

Whether you're interested in studying in Canada, the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, or elsewhere, GeeBee Education is proud to be recognized as the premier study abroad consultant in Kattappana.

Our Study Abroad Consulting Process


Our Overseas educational counselling team will guide you in choosing your ideal course by providing the expertise you are looking for.


Our admission team will make sure the paperwork is error-free. The processing of the application to selected universities is designed to be a hassle-free step.


GeeBee also provides financial advice to the students wanting to know about currency exchange, scholarships, loan assistance, etc.


After everything is said and done, our Visa team processes the file.


The student is kept in the loop while the process goes on.


Once the required documents are submitted for the Visa application at the consulates, we guide the student for the time to come, with pre and post-arrival orientation.


We fully understand that our work here is not done. Keeping that in mind, our overseas educational counsellors are always open to any help our student requires. After all, their success is our success.

Frequently Asked Question: Study abroad consultants in Kattappana

How much will a foreign course cost?

The total expenses for studying abroad are influenced by various factors including tuition fees, travel costs, accommodation expenses, personal expenses, insurance premiums, and other related expenses. Hence, there is no definite cost associated with studying abroad as it varies depending on the location of your choice. Moreover, your ability to manage your finances effectively also plays a crucial role in determining the total cost.

What type of tests are required to study abroad?

Indian students from Kattappana who wish to study abroad are typically required to take two types of tests. The first one is a language proficiency test, such as IELTS or TOEFL, which assesses their ability to communicate effectively in English. However, the specific language requirements may differ depending on the country of destination or the course being pursued.

The second type of test is a standardized exam called the GRE, which is mandatory for admission to some universities. However, not all universities require the GRE, and this varies from one institution to another. Students can find information about the specific admission requirements on the university website or seek guidance from their counselors.

Will studying abroad help me find a good job?

Although studying abroad does not guarantee a good job, it does offer a host of advantages such as personality development, receiving high-quality education, and more. By making the most of this opportunity, you can rely on your own skills and abilities to secure a good job based on your merit.

What if I can’t afford course fees? Are there any scholarships available?

Numerous colleges and corporations offer scholarships to support students who wish to pursue higher education abroad and alleviate the burden of tuition fees. If you meet the eligibility criteria for any scholarships, it is recommended to inquire with your study abroad consultant beforehand. Once you have decided on the course of study, Geebee's counselors can assist you in obtaining any available scholarships.

When should I apply for a program?

Commencing your preparations early is always advisable. Instead of waiting until you finish your studies, it is preferable to begin planning as soon as possible. This will give you ample time to get ready for studying abroad.

How long can I stay abroad after completing my studies there?

The degree of your success depends on your level of effort during your studies. It is highly recommended to hone your skills in your chosen field of interest to ensure that you possess the necessary expertise for your future job requirements. Engaging in high-quality internships, following a well-structured course curriculum, and receiving industrial training are some of the ideal starting points to achieve this goal.