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GeeBee has worked its way up to become one of the top study abroad consultancies in Anand Vidyanagar, and all across India in the last two decades. Over these years, we have successfully helped over 2.5+ lakh students achieve their study abroad dream.

The process from the inception of your dream to study abroad till the time you arrive at the gates of your dream university is not devoid of hurdles.

University and course selection, application, documentation and admission assistance, test preparation, visa guidance, accommodation, post-arrival formalities, finance and so much more is there as a part of this process. This calls for guidance from mentors having years of experience in the study abroad sector. 

GeeBee Education is one of the leading overseas education consultants in Anand Vidyanagar, India. We are proud to have built a network of 3500+ recruitment partners, 900+ Partner Universities, and thousands of expert counsellors over the last 21 years.

We ensure to offer 100% transparent and hassle-free solutions for all your International study needs, no questions asked, no conditions applied. Only genuine service that speaks volumes.

We are known to have designed our overseas admission counselling process strategically as well as systematically. There exists little to no linear approach in our overseas education counselling process. Rather, we identify the gaps in a student’s knowledge base and cater to them with the information that is ideally of use to them at that stage of research.

We don’t believe in creating a set path for a student. We put our trust in guiding the student enough for them to identify what exactly they are looking for. 

So, if you are looking to study in the best colleges in Canada, UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, etc., choose the best study abroad consultant in Anand Vidyanagar. Choose GeeBee.

Our Study Abroad Consulting Process


Our Overseas educational counselling team will guide you in choosing your ideal course by providing the expertise you are looking for.


Our admission team will make sure the paperwork is error-free. The processing of the application to selected universities is designed to be a hassle-free step.


GeeBee also provides financial advice to the students wanting to know about currency exchange, scholarships, loan assistance, etc.


After everything is said and done, our Visa team processes the file.


The student is kept in the loop while the process goes on.


Once the required documents are submitted for the Visa application at the consulates, we guide the student for the time to come, with pre and post-arrival orientation.


We fully understand that our work here is not done. Keeping that in mind, our overseas educational counsellors are always open to any help our student requires. After all, their success is our success.

Frequently Asked Question:  Abroad Study Consultants in Anand Vidyanagar

When should I start preparing for studying abroad?

It is always recommended that you start the study abroad procedure as early as possible. The process is a long journey and it needs time, patience, and enough guidance to sail you through. You would require time to prepare well for the language proficiency tests, interviews, etc. The research should start a year in advance and you should start applying to colleges six months in advance of their intake dates.

Are there any scholarships available?

There are many scholarships available for students in Anand Vidyanagar, Gujarat to fund their studies so that they can study abroad in the leading colleges or universities. These scholarships are known to be very competitive so you must have exceptional academic achievements to earn them.

Our Overseas educational counsellors at GeeBee, Anand Vidyanagar is there to guide you through the process of availing yourself of scholarships to make your study abroad journey as economic as possible.

How much will it cost to study abroad for a student from Anand Vidyanagar?

Finances are an important thing to consider while you are planning to study abroad. Although more factors can be there, your cost of studying usually depends on the following factors-

  1. Course Fees
  2. Cost of Living
  3. Personal Expenses
  4. Insurance Cost
  5. Country or City

What type of candidates are universities abroad looking for?

Most Foreign universities are looking for candidates who have-

  • Language Proficiency - Most universities require English proficiency tests so expect them to check your language skills by the application, SOP, and personal essay you will be required to submit.
  • Financial Stability – It is important for a university to know if you can afford to pay their college fees timely. That is why you are required to submit all the financial documents as a part of the application processing.
  • Academic Excellence - If you are planning to get admission in a leading/competitive college or university then they will evaluate your past grades and entrance exam results.
  • Work Experience –A Master’s course in a foreign university often requires sufficient work experience.

What’s the importance of SOP and LOR?

SOP stands for Statement of Purpose, is a document where students explain what the purpose of getting a degree abroad is and why they want to study in a foreign country.

LOR stands for Letter of Recommendation. It is required by universities and is considered essential in your study abroad documents. It validates your academic merits and professional skills. It helps universities to identify genuine students.

What type of accommodation can I look for?

Universities have a team to support Indian students. You can contact them and check for any stay options available. It can be on-campus or off-campus. There are other options to find accommodation too. You can talk to your counsellor too. GeeBee understands that its responsibility isn’t over once the student gets admitted to a college. The counsellor is always present to help the student with the post-arrival formalities, transportation, and accommodation needs.

What are the qualifications required to apply?

The minimum qualification to study abroad is completing class 12th. You can apply to universities if your CGPA ranges between 2.5 and 4. Some universities prefer a CGPA above 4. So, it varies from university to university. You must qualify for the English proficiency test to study abroad as it is required by most universities in foreign countries.