I am really thankful to the entire Geebee team for their support and guidance which made my admission procedure way less tedious to New Jersey Institute of Technology for the Masters in Information Systems program.

In the very first meeting a lot of my doubts were cleared by Mr.Jitesh Shah . At that time , I was still undecided whether to opt for MS in USA or pursue an MBA in India. He briefed me about the pros and cons of both the cases and the confidence displayed by him in me with his numerous years of experience in counselling various students who eventually did really well in USA inspite of moderate GRE scores ,made me take the decision of going ahead with MS in USA.

After putting rest to all my apprehensions,my dad and I did not think twice to pay the fees for Geebee there and then itself.

As I had given my GRE and TOEFL a little late ,I knew that if we don’t fasten our process for applications ,I will miss few universities deadlines. Geebee made sure that does not happen and within a week I was given a list of around 20 universities categorized into ambitious, moderate and safe for my profile.

The final shortlisting was done in a day or two after that and Jitesh Sir made sure I dont miss out on any university of my liking. Another point i would like to add is Geebee only recommends their students to go in top 100 or 150 universities in USA,so it accordingly lists down the universities for every student based on their profile – this really speaks volume about how much they care for a student’s career and giving him/her the right guidance in building up a career in a foreign country.

The constant support did not stop only till the application process. The Visa process in indeed a troublesome and a cumbersome task where you have to get in place all kinds of documents, the bank procedures involved, the college and university attestations and what not!

The entire Geebee team made sure all the documents were in place from my end by providing me a checklist well in advance so that i dont waste my time in gathering these documents. There were many seminars held too by Geebee – Seminar on Visa process,Things to do before going to USA (PRE-DEPARTURE SEMINAR) which were really helpful too and brought an opportunity for students going to various universities in USA to socialize and interact on various issues.Geebee even made the education loan and travel insurance/health insurance procedures really smooth with their tieups with various agencies.

I would really like to thank Dharmesh Sir, and all the Counsellors who helped me out tremendously with the visa application procedure -right from filling up my DS160 and Sevis form online to checking whether all the documents were placed appropriately in the folder. Dharmesh Sir’s guidance and the mock interviews taken by him were of immense help.

The constant followups from GEEBEE’s side and the polite answers given everytime even to the stupidest of my doubts made this journey with Geebee a really memorable and a joyous one.

The entire team is really professional and has rich experience in overseas education counselling. Thank you GEEBEE ..

Mritunjay Kumar

I am writing this testimonial to acknowledge the valuable support extended by Geebee education . I recently gave my IELTS and was pretty nervous but as I moved to Geebee education I got more and more confident for the Visa procedure.I really feel free when i registered with this consultancy as my job was also parallel with it.Every body is so supportive that i could not face any problem.

The Each staff is very diligent and extremely helpful. In the hindsight, My Special thanks to Dharmesh sir I would recommend to stick with the words with dharmesh sir u will definitely do good in visa and nothing else.!!!!!

Mritunjay Kumar
Northwestern Polytechnic, USA – Master in Computer Science Studies

Tuesay Singh

I took my GMAT yesterday and scored 730 (Q50 V40) and IR 5.

Thanks to you, Dharmesh Sir, for pushing me to aim for 50/51 in Quant. I want to dedicate that score to you!

GMAT Trainer – Your energy, knowledge and command over the language is so great that I have become interested in reading dry-and-dense articles only because of you! Your methods simply changed the way I looked at Verbal; it was a game-changer indeed. Thank you for that.

I also can’t forget how, one day, you just sat and solved all my CR doubts that too in such great detail, to the point that you spent nearly 30 mins on 1 question and trying to explain me why the right answer is right. Thank you so much for your patience that day! After applying that strategy I could solve OG Questions with much ease and see great improvements in my understanding. SC and RC also became a breeze after this. Getting comfortable with Verbal was a great confidence booster during the exam.

I am very very happy that I joined the Tutor course and would no doubt highly recommend it! 🙂 This score would not have been possible without your help.

Thank you once again for all your guidance at every single step! Very very invaluable.

Tuesay Singh

Glady Jennifer Munigety

I have to inform you that Glady Jennifer had reached University of Portsmouth yesterday, safely and now settling down in the halls.

Especially, I take this opportunity to thank you and your team who had assisted us through this journey of past one and a half year, right from day one of your counselling at you Geebee thane Office, thru IELTS coaching, then your education fairs ,meeting various university staff , making applications to the various universities, guidance in choosing the university, step by step guidance we received , giving us awareness from study information to universities, financials, medicals, VISA etc.

At no stage of our journey, did we feel we are left alone , as you were there at every call we made , you have handled the case with patience and lot of positivity at every stage , which made us feel comfortable and all went smoothly. This is rarely seen in any edu consultants, where only money matters. But you have made a difference.

Not to forget Swati pinto, who made us feel at home in handling the VISA stage , filling application, submission, and guiding us towards successful VISA application.

I wish you and your Company all the very best in future and many more such mile stones in shaping the lives of students for better study prospects. If you have, any FEED back form, do mail it to me, I will be happy to fill the same.

Glady Jennifer Munigety
University of Portmouth, UK - BA (HONS)-Architecture

Aaron Pereira

So I gave my GRE yesterday and scored an amazing 322 (160v, 162q). I could have done a little better in quant, but what I scored in verbal was nothing short of spectacular. I really want to thank Geebee (Andheri) for the score. I ended up using all the little tips and tricks while practicing my verbal during the last 3 weeks of prep. To be honest, when my parents initially forced me to join GEEBEE, I really wasn’t expecting anything great out of ‘coaching classes’


The teaching style that Geebee brought on to the table, is probably something that I’ve never experienced anywhere else (the various quiz questions and “id this guy” questions: p). And I found that I always learnt something new during every lecture I attended. The teaching style has just has perfect amount of humor, that really makes every lecture a joy to attend. Damn, I’m gonna miss those Saturday and Sunday lectures now. You’re probably the closest thing to Franz Mesmer that I’ve come across. So yeah, once again, thanks a ton man. I honestly cannot thank you enough.

All the best for your future endeavors. Really hope we get to meet again. And most of all, please, always continue doing this. You’re absolutely amazing at teaching.

Aaron Pereira
GRE Student

Pratik Bhagwat

“I completed my engineering in 6 yrs, thats right, with 2 year drops and like any other student, I was skeptical to even opt for further studies. Thanks to Geebee, they helped me gain back my confidence and trained me well to score decently in GRE (313) and TOEFL(110). They were the only ones to guarantee me an admit from a good University of my choice and they definitely fulfilled their promise.

From GRE to VISA, Geebee offered a great package. Now here I am at University of Texas at Arlington, continuing to fulfill my racing dreams with the country’s best student racing team. THANK YOU Geebee and the amazing staff for helping me step closer to my dreams.”

Pratik Bhagwat
University of Texas, Arlington, USA - Master in Automobile Engineering

Kiran Kurian

Graduating from a U S university was one of my dreams and I thank the entire team at Geebee (especially Geebee Vashi team) for assisting me in all the procedures to fulfill my dream. I am a graduate student majoring in Finance at Illinois Institute of Technology’s Stuart school of business, Chicago.

I was not sure of going to US for my further studies, until the day when I went for the seminar on study abroad conducted by Geebee. Right then I enrolled with Geebee Vashi for TOEFL classes and admission counselling. They helped me prepare for TOEFL, getting my documents ready, college selection, application formalities, visa processing all up to the pre departure orientation. I had a wonderful journey with Geebee team. Thanks and may many more students realise their dreams through GeeBee.

Kiran Kurian
Illinois Institute of Technology, USA - Master in Finance

Priyam Srivastava

“My experience with Geebee Education has been extremely good. I appreciate their help in identifying the best options for me based on my profile. Also, the education fair gave me a much needed opportunity to interact with the International Colleges and Universities in person. Thanks to Geebee for my smooth journey – right from IELTS exam till the US VISA!”.

Priyam Srivastava
University of Tampa, USA - Master in Marketing Management

Madhura Salvi

“GEEBEE made my dream come true, for studying in US. From entrance exam preparation, University selection, applications, Visa interview preparation to Arriving at an University, GEEBEE guides you in each and every step, its more than an educational institution, like one stop shop for everything. Manasi Ma’am and other staff members helped me throughout the process..I am glad I took up GEEBEE. I would recommend GEEBEE for any student who wants to take up advanced studies.

Madhura Salvi
University of Bridgeport, USA - MBA

Varun Shetty

I was clueless about IELTS before but all thanks to GEEBEE and staffs who provided us with all the relevant information’s and guide us through, special thanks to Professor for his moral support and encouragement, where he ensured that we don’t make any errors in vital areas along with being creative with the use of words. I would like to thank each one from GEEBEE for their help in achieving our goals. Though I am yet awaiting for my prospect employers offer, but I am glad that I have met the required bands, and that’s surely because of the IELTS Professor & GEEBEE I have scored 7.5 in IELTS.

Varun Shetty