About Queenstown Resort College

Queenstown Resort College (QRC), NZ

Queenstown Resort College (QRC), NZ

Queenstown Resort College (QRC) have some unique benefits, which make the college of first choice for many students from NZ and around the world. In terms of the location:

  • Queenstown is internationally recognized as the Adventure Capital of the World and NZ’s tourism Mecca.
  • Queenstown’s economy is almost 100% based on the tourism industry and is home to some of the world leaders and pioneers of the global Adventure Tourism Industry.

QRC has one of the highest educational outcomes of all tertiary providers in NZ.

  • 85% of QRC students go directly into jobs
  • 12% go on to higher study

This means 97% of QRC graduates either go directly into employment or continue studying at higher levels.
Since Queenstown Resort College (QRC) is located in NZ’s tourism capital it also have access to excellent lecturing staff. Most of the lecturers are employed part time as they are also working in the tourism industry. This means students will be learning current best practice from industry professionals.
Programme Information

Hospitality Management

During the first two terms in addition to general management, theory students will be taught skills in all the operational areas of a hotel; Front Office, Housekeeping, Kitchen and Restaurant. Most practical learning will take place in real hotels not in a simulated environment as in other institutions. This gives students a leading edge prior to undertaking their internship.
In addition students will get to choose to specialize in one of three areas;

  • Event Management
  • Resort and Day Spa Management
  • Wine Studies

Adventure Tourism Management

This is the only course of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere!
During the Industry familiarization subject in year 1 for one term, students will visit a range of adventure tourism operators such as jet boating, bungy jumping, bush walking, parachuting etc. The exact activity will depend on the intake however they will fully participate in each activity. They will also get to meet with senior managers and or owner / operators to learn more about the management aspects of the operations.
In addition they will also spend some time in the outback on the QRC Explorer programme where they will learn all about teamwork and leadership.
Yet another benefit QRC can offer students is excellent employment opportunities, both part time during academic terms and full time during internship and post-graduation. As QRC is the only fully dedicated tourism college in Queenstown they are the first stop for many providers when looking for highly motivated and skilled staff.
The Hospitality Management programme features 9 months of fully paid employment while the Adventure Tourism Management programme features 6 months of fully paid employment. Dedicated QRC staff helps students to secure positions in leading companies throughout NZ.
QRC student body is generally made up of 70% New Zealand students and 30% international students which means, unlike other colleges, so international students will be studying along side locals.
Recognition of Prior Learning
Many students enrolling at QRC have already undertaken higher-level studies. QRC have a policy of recognizing prior learning, which means students may be able to apply for credit for subjects already studied. This will not reduce the length of the course due to scheduling however it may significantly reduce students workload and the tuition fee.
Graduate Diploma Programme
This one-year programme is under final review with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and is expected to be available from early 2017.
Postgraduate Benefits
QRC is aware that students from India are mostly concerned with part time and full time employment opportunities.
QRC have an excellent student outcomes and 97% of graduates are either studying or working in their field of choice.
This is mainly due to the extensive 9/6-month internship period and the unique Professional Excellence system.
Many students from other hospitality colleges ultimately seek employment in Queenstown however as QRC has deep and extensive relationships with all providers as QRC students get preferential treatment.
This high demand for staff was confirmed earlier this year by Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse who said “Anyone who wants work should “head south” to places such as Queenstown and Wanaka”
Remember: high-level qualifications do not secure jobs, skills and attitude do!
Finally check out this video to see where students could be studying, living and working: Queenstown NZ

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