About Thompson Rivers University


About Thompson River University

Canada is a country of great diversity, especially within its western province of British Columbia. In the middle of southern BC, between the shores of the Pacific Ocean and the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains, you will discover the city of Kamloops.

Located in a river valley that’s is also the northern range of the North American Desert, Kamloopsis a friendly, warm and welcoming city.

Kamloops is a modern city of 90,000 people noted for its spectacular natural setting, safe andThompson River University supportive environment, affordability, exceptional climate, and wide range of outdoor, city, and campus activities. The city is a convenient 3.5¬hour drive or 45¬minute flight from nearby Vancouver.

Kamloops is also home to Thompson Rivers University, one of Canada’s most comprehensive universities with Masters and Bachelor degrees as well as college, open learning, and English language programs. The university offers over 100 different programs, including four¬year degrees in over 40 disciplines, and a growing number of post¬graduate specialties.

Major program areas include Business, Computing Science, Tourism, Environmental Science, Health Sciences, Humanities, Fine Arts, Journalism, and ESL.

TRU is a public, fully accredited, degree¬granting institution with 13,000 students on campus, including more than 1600 international students from over 80 countries, and a further 13,000 open learning students.

Students from around the world come to TRU each year to take advantage of the comprehensive range of programs, the TRU Campus Activity Centreunique combinations of flexible learning options, and the balance of theoretical and applied studies. Thompson Rivers also reaches out to the world’s communities, delivering training and managing development projects throughout the globe.

TRU is a different kind of university. It is a primarily undergraduate, teaching¬focused institution with the distinct advantage of offering students a complete range of programs, from Masters and Bachelor degrees to diplomas, certificates, technology and trades and developmental programs. What makes TRU truly distinct as a university is the variety andintegration of its programs, including options that allow graduates of two¬year diploma programs to “ladder” into university degrees.

The campus is located in the heart of Kamloops, close to the city centre and easily accessed by regular bus service. Students enjoy a wide range of support services and outstanding facilities on campus, including individual counselling, academic advising, employment services, and food services, along with wireless Internet, a health clinic, academic facilities, student housing, theatres, and world¬class athletic facilities.



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