St. Lawrence College : Game Development Technician At Cornwall


Game Development Technician At Cornwall

Game programming is a multi-billion dollar industry that is among the fastest growing in the world. The video game industry is in need of trained designers and programmers who understand the complexity and sophistication
of these products designed for installation on home computers, game consoles, web pages and even cell phones. If students are creative and like to control the action, this program is for them.
This program introduces students to basic game concepts including introductory computer programming in C++, basic game console electronics, computer operating system usage, and database storage techniques. Students will broaden their knowledge by examining and implementing 3-dimensional programs that expand into real games using industry standard libraries. Students will also create sounds to include in games and integrate these sounds into their applications. At the advanced level, they will learn to use standard game engines to accomplish sophisticated graphics and interaction within their program control. Portability of code is emphasized at all stages of instruction.
Complementing the game development skills set is a sound background in software design methodology and programming. Graduates are qualified to apply for jobs as software developers and programmer analysts.

Career Opportunities

Graduates will find employment with game studios in Canada and throughout the world. This area is experiencing job growth that is out-pacing the training of potential workers. Canada has six of the top 50 game studios in the world and this includes one of the five top studios based on product sales.
Potential positions at these studios include:

  • Game Audio Engineer
  • Game Build Engineer
  • Game Database Engineer
  • Game Online Engineer
  • Game Front End Engineer
  • Game Pipeline Engineer
  • Rendering Engineer
  • Graphics/Special Effects

Interface Programmer
Graduates may also find employment as software developers and programmer analysts in Information Technology departments.

Information For the Above Mentioned Program :

  • The duration of the  course is 2 years
  • The campus location is Cornwall
  • The start date for the program is September 2013
  • The Tuition Fees for the program is $13,745 per year

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