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Options for accommodation include:

Residence: Living on campus, get a private room and shared bathroom. No meals are included. Please visit http://selkirk.ca/international/our-students/accommodation/residenceand complete the application form if would like to apply. Residence is only available starting at the end of April.

Homestay: Home stay facilities- Costing $700- $800 per month, including food. The good thing here is students get a chance to live with the Canadian families and know their culture. The students need to stay there for minimum 4 months.
Please inform Selkirk College at the earliest if liked this option and complete the application form which is available online.

Off Campus Accommodation: For this student must arrange on their own, though College can provide some support and advice. There is more information and a listing of off-campus accommodation available here: http://selkirk.ca/international/our-students/accommodation/campus-housing Please note that typical rent for a room in a shared house or apartment in Castlegar is between $400 and $500 per month. This will not include food and may not include utilities such as electricity, heat, and hot water.

On campus Accommodation: Costing approximately $2000 per semester (4 months), excluding food. Students are provided with the common kitchen and they may cook their food. Selkirk College has two campuses for International students and they are provided with the accommodation as per their courses. The “Kekuli” residence is in Castlegar and is for students studying PG Diplomas, Business, GIS and other programs. The “10th Street Residence” is in Nelson, and is for students studying in the Resort and Hotel Management program, Digital Arts and New Media, Music and other programs. Please note Selkirk College has very few seats for accommodation in on campus residence.

All international students studying in BC are required to have Basic Medical Insurance which covers any doctor’s visits and emergency medical expenses and is valid for the entire time they are studying in Canada. This is not included in the tuition and student fees you have already paid.

Students may choose to purchase this insurance in their home country before they depart or purchase it in Canada upon arrival.  If purchased it at home before departure, then they need to bring proof of medical insurance coverage and details of what is covered, this will need to be submitted upon arrival. If students chose to purchase it in Canada, please note that it will cost $1.75 per day for basic medical insurance. For a two year program, most students will choose to purchase it for each year (365 days = $638.76) or six months (approx $319). This amount will be due upon arrival. Selkirk College encourages students to pre-pay in advance of their arrival if possible. After the first semester student must enroll in BC MSP which will cost $69.50 per month. Students will be billed directly by the provincial government for BC MSP each month.

Please be aware of this expense and be prepared to pay for Basic Medical Insurance upon arrival if you do not have proof of coverage already.

Attached is some information that will be useful to read before leaving to come to Canada. It includes information about what to bring and which documents to ensure you have when you cross the border into Canada.

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