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COTR students

About College of Rockies

College of the Rockies offers a variety of programs in business, tourism, health, university studies, and trades. Located in the beautiful British Columbian Rocky Mountains, students from all around the world come to enjoy the small class sizes; friendly, safe community; program affordability; and English-speaking environment.

Whether studying in one, two, or four-year undergraduate or post-graduate programs – there are easy transfer options to study at any university in British Columbia and beyond, including UBC, SFU, and UVIC.

At College of the Rockies are very proud of :

  • Quick response time to student inquiries and processing applications.
  • Very competitive tuition fees and low cost of living in Cranbrook, BC.
  • Exceptional student support – recently ranked #1 in Canada for international student satisfaction!

COTR students


College of the Rockies, a publicly funded, provincially recognized community college, is located in the Rocky Mountain resort region of southern British Columbia, Canada.  The College is in the centre of a world-famous outdoor recreation and vacation environment offering incredible scenery and unique outdoor activities year round including famous hot springs resorts, beautiful forests for hiking and observing wildlife,  and some of Canada’s finest skiing/snowboarding areas.  All with no crowds!

The College of the Rockies’ main campus is in the city of Cranbrook (population 20,000), an affordable and very friendly modern city with a strong economy and a great relaxed lifestyle.  It is located a one hour drive from the United States border and a three hour drive from scenic Banff.  Cranbrook’s airport has daily direct flights from Vancouver (80 minutes) and Calgary (40 minutes) via Air Canada.

Founded in 1975 with major expansions in 2008 and 2010, College of the Rockies’ facilities are bright, modern and comfortable.

The College is situated beside the community forest and the Cranbrook Golf Club yet still within walking distance of downtown and all major city services. Over 2300 Canadian students and 235 international students from 40 different countries attend College of the Rockies to benefit from small class sizes and a highly qualified teaching staff dedicated to giving each student personal attention.  With an average class size of only 20 students, the instructors know each student by name and students can be comfortable asking questions in class, even in the university level courses.

College of the Rockies offers outstanding educational value with some of the most affordable tuition fees in Canada.

On-campus recreation includes an indoor climbing wall, gymnasium, outdoor track and field, fitness room and forest trails.  A cafeteria, bookstore, library, and wireless internet are also available on campus. Services for international students include free peer tutors, a Recreation Coordinator, Education Advisory  and an international office offering free phone calls home and assistance with visas, medical insurance and home stay.

Some programs popular with international students:

University Transfer/Associate Degrees (first and second year of Bachelor’s Degree Program in all fields of study; transfer agreements with all universities in BC) –  see http://www.cotr.bc.ca/university/ 

Business Administration (diploma and certificate with option to transfer to university) – see http://www.cotr.bc.ca/BusinessAdmin/ 

Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with a Major in Sustainable

Business Practices http://www.cotr.bc.ca/BBA/ 

Tourism and Recreation Management Diploma Program (with option to transfer to university) http://www.cotr.bc.ca/TourismRec/ 

Kinesiology Diploma Program (with option to transfer to university)  http://www.cotr.bc.ca/Kinesiology/ 

Graduate Certificate in Global Studies (diploma or degree required) http://www.cotr.bc.ca/global-studies/ 

Automotive Service Technician (eight months) www.cotr.bc.ca/automotive 

For a complete listing of programs and courses, please consult the Program Guide on-line at http://www.cotr.bc.ca/programs 

Must be 18 years old or older to attend and have completed the equivalent of 12th Grade for admission to academic programs at the college level; a diploma or degree plus some work experience is required for the Global Studies graduate certificate.

Transfer to University

College of the Rockies is a community college funded, regulated and accredited by the Government of the Province of British Columbia under the Ministry of Advanced Education. As a member of BC’s public college/university system, most university level courses offered by College of the Rockies are articulated to follow the same curriculum as all public universities in BC, transferring easily to these other institutions.  For more information on the BC Transfer System, please visit the BC Transfer Guide website at http://www.bccat.bc.ca

Working Options

Students that complete six months of a non-ESL program are eligible to apply for an off-campus work permit to work at any job while attending College of the Rockies. Upon completion of a non-ESL program of at least two years (diploma), students can apply to for a post grad open work permit to work in Canada for three years.  Program less than eight months in duration are not eligible for a post-graduate work permit.

Admission Requirements:

  • Diploma or Degree with minimum second division (over 50 %)
  • At least six months of work experience
  • IELTS Requirements – 6.0 overall, Reading- 6.0, Writing- 6.0, Listening- 5.5 and Speaking- 5.5
  • Math Requirement – No Math requirement except for courses that have a Math prerequisite

Program Admission Requirements and Course Prerequisites

Specific high school prerequisites are required for all programs and some college level courses.  These high school prerequisites are available at the College and can be taken concurrently with other college level courses for most programs. The need for these prerequisites will increase the time required to complete your academic program.

The College of the Rockies has many advantages…

  • Spectacular mountain recreation setting
  • Affordable cost of living and tuition fees
  • Very small class sizes (average only 20-25 students in a university level class) with personal assistance from instructors
  • British Columbia EQA (Education Quality Assurance) designation ensures a quality, recognized degree, diploma, certificate post-graduate certificate or associate degree
  • Simple application procedure
  • Easy transfer to university as we are a member of the BC Transfer System
  • Safe, clean and friendly modern city with a strong economy
  • Beautiful newly expanded campus within walking distance of mall and downtown
  • Caring home stay families
  • Modern on-campus student residence available for international students
  • Work part-time after completing six months of study
  • Work up to three years in Canada after completing a two year program – this is the first step to immigration under the CEC class


College of Rockies welcome students from India only under the SPP program.  For direct admission, will require the following :

  1. Complete application submitted online at: www.cotr.bc.ca/internl/apply.asp
  2. Current passport page that includes your photo and name
  3. IELTS score report taken within the last 24 months with overall band no less than 6.0 and a minimum of 6.0 in reading, 6.0 in writing, 5.5 in speaking and 5.5 in listening (or minimum IELTS 6.5 with no band less than 6.0 for the Global Studies Graduate Certificate program)
  4. Most recent diploma/leaving certificate and mark sheets with minimum Second Class marks (minimum 50% in most subject areas).
  5. Less than a five year gap between your last studies and your proposed course in Canada
  6. Verification by email that you have not been refused for a Canada Study Permit in the past.
  7. Resume/CV outlining education and employment experience (employment experience is required for the Global Studies Graduate Certificate program).


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