About Alexander College

About Alexander College

The name, Alexander College is from Sir Alexander Mackenzie, the Scottish-born fur trade adventurer and author. Alexander Mackenzie holds a special place in Canadian history. Thus, the name Alexander College is in the spirit of his achievement and vision.

Established in 2006 under the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education, Alexander College consists of two urban campuses. These campuses are located in Burnaby and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Alexander College first offered University Transfer and English for Academic Purposes programs. The programs are designed to help first and second year undergraduates to achieve success in their transition to the post-secondary environment. This is through strong student support and services available.

In 2006, Alexander College was approved to offer the Associate of Arts degree.

Alexander College is a private BC Ministry of Education approved post-secondary institution located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Alexander College offer college-level courses to high school graduates from all over the world. There are two major programs offered by Alexander College: Associate Degree and University Transfer.

Associate Degrees

Alexander College offers Associate degrees in three areas: Arts, Arts Business, and Science. Students can choose the area of study that appeals most to their interests and career plans.
Associate of Arts program is a two-year program that requires completion of 20 courses in total, for the value of 60 credits. The possible employment opportunities after getting an Associate of Arts include such areas as sales, advertising, administration and tourism.
Associate of Arts Business program is a two-year program that calls for completion of 21 courses for 64 credits. Most of the subjects that students have to study in this program are economics and commerce. There are also courses in sciences and arts. Graduates of this program work in Banking, Administration, Sales, and Real Estate.
The third associate degree program at Alexander College is associate of Science program. This is a two-year, 20 course and 60 credit program. Students focus on studying sciences such as chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Students can seek employment in Research, Laboratory Technology and Information Technology.

University Transfer

The University Transfer program is for those students who are looking to obtain a bachelor’s degree from a Canadian University via entering Alexander college for the first two years of their four-year bachelor’s program.
These students are called transfer students and they can take advantage of Alexander College courses and transfer them toward their undergraduate degree. So the students can choose to take from 30 to 60 credits at Alexander College (this will take one or two years) and transfer all their courses to the second or the third year of a bachelor’s program of a public university of their choice in British Columbia.
While studying at Alexander College, the students have the advantage of free advising, free tutoring and academic support, which will enable them to choose the right institution to transfer to. This transfer program is possible due to the participation of Alexander College in an organization called BCCAT, or the British Columbia Council for Admissions and Transfer.

Tuition and Fees

The cost of tuition at Alexander College is the same for both Associate Degree and University transfer program and is 460 Canadian dollars per credit. The base price is per credits because students are expected to fulfill a certain number of credits to either receive an associate degree or transfer to a bachelor’s program. However, this cost can be translated to the cost per semester at 6,900 Canadian dollars or per a three-semester school year (studying from September to June with a break for the summer) at 13,800 dollars.


Alexander College operates two campuses located in the urban centres of Burnaby and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Alexander College’s Vancouver Campus is located in the centre of downtown Vancouver on the corner of Seymour and Hastings Streets. The Vancouver campus is steps away from the major shopping, entertainment districts, and major tourist attractions. As well, it is just one block from the Vancouver Waterfront Skytrain.

The Vancouver Campus is centrally located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, just one block from the Waterfront Skytrain station.


Burnaby is a large suburb located in the geographic centre of the Greater Vancouver Regional District. Alexander College’s Burnaby Campus is located on the corner of McKay Street and Kingsway. It is one block from one of the largest shopping centres in Canada, Metrotown Shopping Centre.

The Burnaby campus is centrally located in Downtown Burnaby, just one block from the Metrotown Skytrain Station.

When to apply

Unlike most public and private institutions, Alexander College has four intake dates, in Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer. The intake dates coincide with the four semesters. Student can apply to Alexander College all year around.

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