Working in Germany

Students are allowed part-time jobs up to 120 full days or 240 half days in a year when they are on study visa. Universities in Germany have a close contact with the industry and students can get internships largely due to this network.

People normally work for 5 days a week and are on holiday on Saturday and Sunday.

Conditions that apply vary depending on your Country of Origin and your signed contracts with the employers.

The skill gap analysis shows the demand of professions. Shortage skill list of Germany details the required fields of jobs and accordingly qualified candidates can apply for the jobs. The vacancies are published on a prescribed website every often. You can post your profile on the formal portal and the office contacts you. Candidate needs to looks for opportunities that are nearest to his filed of work. Internet is the best source to find your options of jobs. Most of these portals will be in German, but a few multilingual portals are available too. So you will sometimes find information written in English too.

Apart from these several other ways to look for jobs are Job fairs, News Paper, job portals, local employment agencies and government agencies. Some conduct online workshops etc too.

The international applicants are generally guided by departments which specially deal with foreigners. The important part here is language knowledge. Candidates who can read, write and understand German are better preferred always. Knowledge of German is the key to many a job in the country. A major part of the Employee’s selection criteria is his /her German Language knowledge. So working in Germany is directly related to German language ability. Better the language better are your opportunities.

A few points to watch and move ahead while working in Germany

  • Punctuality
  • Strict Schedules
  • Perfection
  • Formal approach

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