Main Attractions

Burj Khalifa: Standing one hundred sixty storeys high, this skyscraper is Dubai’s most recent pride.

Palm Jumeirah: World’s largest man-made island created in the shape of a palm tree.

The Dubai Mall: Dubai Mall has 1,200 shops.The stores vary from high-end niche designers, to more affordable wide-scope retails.

Burj Al Arab: It’s the sole 7-stars building in the world, set on the beach.

Atlantis: Set on Dubai’s synthetic island, this building is an image of luxury. There are playful dolphins at the Dolphin Bay.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah: Walk around this exquisite, traditional-like gallery filled with symbols that reflect UAE’s heritage. Ranging from authentic ancient outfits, to simple touristic merchandise, this Souk is a great place shop at.

Gold Souk: This is often a conventional gold market (or souk) dealing nearly solely in gold jewellery. India is Dubai’s largest buyer of gold.

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