Tourism In Canada

Canada is a naturally beautiful country, with many mountains, lakes and forests. A land so naturally endowed, has no dearth of places to visit and throughout all the seasons. In the warmer climates there are always activities such as biking, fruit picking, fishing etc. The winter months bring snow, and Canada is known for its beautiful ski slopes and resorts.

A very popular way of seeing the Canadian countryside is the train. Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada are two popular organizations that offer tourists scenic routes through Jasper and Banff, St Lawrence Route, the Rocky Mountains etc.

Many cities are known to have Carnivals at specific times of the year and these attract a large number of tourists. These events give visitors a glimpse of the Canadian way of life.

Other attractions such as the Historic Totem poles, Polar Bear spotting in Manitoba, CN Tower edge walk, Ice Sculpting Contests in winter are also reason for tourists to make time to travel.

Students often get discounts and extras on such trips and so it helps to keep a vigilant look out for good deals.


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