History Of Canada

The discovery and exploration of Canada is credited to the early adventurers of  England and France. However, Canada was inhabited long before these settlers came in. Canada was home to the ‘Indians’ as they were known then – now called the ‘Aboriginal People’, ‘Native People’ or ‘People of the First Nation’.

In 1949 Canada joined NATO and in the same year was able to replace its British Judiciary with the Supreme Court.

Today however, Canada is the melting pot of several cultures with migrants not only from Europe but from South American and Asia Pacific countries as well.

Canada is made up of 10 provinces and three territories, most of which are populated by Canadians who can trace their ancestry from virtually everywhere in the world. A recent census showed that over 11 million Canadians, or 42 per cent of the population, reported having an ethnic origin other than British or French.

Canada follows the Parliamentary system with the party with largest number of elected MPs leading Parliament.

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