Studying Costs In Australia

Australia offers a very high standard of living, thus making a good place to live in. The cost of study in Australia is comparable to that of the UK and US. Actual tuition fee could vary from institution to institution, depending on location as well as course content.

Australia as a destination for higher study has grown in popularity because:

  • It offers study options at a cost comparable to that in the US and UK whilst still maintaining a high standard of living.
  • It offers a range of tuition fee bands depending on location, institution and course content. Scholarships though available often cannot be availed by internationals because they fail to meet the required profile.
  • On an average, a student requires approximately AUD$ 360 per week to meet his/her rent, food, clothing, travel and incidental costs. However, individualistic needs may differ and budgets would have to be suitably worked on.
  • All international students going to Australia must have insurance coverage provided by registered providers in the form of Overseas Student Health Cover. In addition, a student may choose to take additional insurance to cover property, accidents and even loss of baggage, flight changes and repatriation during the initial outbound travel.
  • On landing in Australia on a student visa, a student is allowed to work part time for the duration of study and can thus successfully limit the transfer of funds from India for living expenses.

Tuition Fees

International students are charged tuition up front- this means they must pay at least first year fees before the visa stage. In addition to tuition, some institutions may charge laboratory fees, student union fees, library fees and sports facility charges. These costs vary, but a fair indication is given in the table below:


Foundation Studies $A9000 – $A14,000 a year Approx
(such as university entrance, preparatory and bridging courses)
Bachelor Degree $A15,000 – $A33,000 a year Approx.
(such as courses in arts, business, economics and law)
Laboratory-based Bachelor Degree $A14,000 – $A35,000 a year Apporx.
(such as science and engineering courses)
Graduate Certificates
Graduate Diplomas
$A20,000 – $A37,000 a year Approx.
Masters Doctoral Degree $A20,000 – $A37,000 a year Approx.

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